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A nickname or your tutor or teacher(e.g. Mr Bogie, Mrs Longnose, Mr Grumpy)

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A part of the body, plural (e.g. arms, legs, lips)

Two parts of the boy, singular (e.g. arm, leg, ear)

What piece of work do you need an extension on (e.g. maths homework, dissertation, thesis)

Three relatives (e.g. sister, sister-in-law, half-sister)

A room (e.g. bedroom, kitchen, pantry)

One vegetable, plural (e.g. aubergines, courgettes, swedes)

A type of animal (e.g. kitten, puppy, cat)

Weapon, plural (e.g. guns, clubs, knives)

Three verbs (e.g. singing, chatting, working)

A verb, something you might do to someone else (e.g. kiss, tickle, punch)

Somewhere you might look for a missing object (e.g. the store cupboard, colleague's desks, the fridge)

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Quickly make a using a few words of your own or our automated keyword picker. We'll also create an image to go with your letter.

Keywords: ask for an extension, dog ate homework, coursework excuses

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