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Be My Write Php Partner Pieter Levels, Please!

Be My Write Php Partner Pieter Levels, Please!

Dear Pieter Levels,

I am your number one fan!

The first time I saw you, I felt astonished. I could not believe a Nomad deity could be so geeky and php lover.

Your role in Nomad List creation was fantastic and simply hacky.

I've created a collection of travel to remind me of you. My bedroom dresser is your shrine, lined with t-shirt.

My ambition is to go to Russia together and engage in some serious write php. I'd make you php pies then we'd watch php tutorials until the sun set.

I'd love it if you could reply to me - tomorrow would be best. Oh, say you'll be my write php partner Pieter Levels, please!

With your reply, please enclose some more travel for my ever-growing collection.

Please, please, please reply.

Created on 12th December 2017.


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